The Arc Thrift Stores

Visit our two fabulous thrift stores in Corvallis and Philomath

Whether donating gently used goods or hunting for treasures, you are supporting The Arc’s mission to enhance the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Benton County.

Our stores accept donations Monday through Saturday from 11:00am to 5:00pm

Did you know that The Arc diverts tons of textile goods, furniture and other household goods from the landfill every year? Extending the life of one garment for 9 months saves water and reduces carbon emissions. 

The Arc Thrift Store in Philomath

111 N 20th St.
Philomath, OR 97370
Shopping:   10:00a – 6:00p Mon-Sat

Donations accepted: 11:00a – 5:00p

Closed on Sundays

The Arc Thrift Store in Corvallis

928 NW Beca Ave.
Corvallis, OR 97330
Shopping:  10:00a – 6:00p  Mon-Sat; 12:00p – 5:00p Sundays

Donations accepted:  11:00a – 5:00p Mon-Sat


Visit us to find your next bargain treasure and feel good about supporting your neighbors!

About The Arc Thrift Stores

We operate first class second hand stores!

Proceeds from the sale of goods at our thrift stores stay local to fund our programs. These include skill-building and social activities, employment training and criminal justice advocacy.

Our store in Corvallis carries clothing, shoes, housewares, furniture, books, electronics, linens and toys. It is also the site of our Employment Training Program.

The Arc Thrift Store in Philomath has a large clothing and shoe selection, children’s items, and a variety of housewares, books and electronics. This location is equipped with solar panels that produce enough power to gain a slight surplus at our store during the longest days of summer.

The Arc Thrift Storefront

We believe in sustainability

Responsible disposition of used goods

Millions of tons of solid waste, including textiles, are dumped into landfills every year. Donating used goods extends the life of solid materials and saves energy, water, and other resources. While recycling efforts are increasing, still only 15% of textiles are recycled.

The Arc is committed to selling as many donated goods as possible and responsibly passing on those we cannot sell.

Re-use of quality used goods

According to the Quantis sustainability experts, the fashion industry is responsible for 8% of the world’s carbon emissions, more than the total aviation and maritime shipping industries combined. Every year, textile manufacturing emits more than 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gasses into our atmosphere.

That’s why more earth-conscious consumers are buying sustainably manufactured and used clothing. An organic cotton shirt you buy at The Arc was sustainably made and will wear longer than the petroleum-based fast fashion that is affordable short-term, but very expensive long-term.

Reduce the supply by reducing your demand. Support sustainability, save money, and save our planet.

Renewable energy

The Arc has invested in solar energy. We are proud of the large solar panel array on the south-facing roof of our Philomath store. Benton Electric installed this 26.4 kw photovoltaic system that includes 88 Canadian Solar 300 watt modules.

Together, our solar panels produce around 3,500 kw hours per month on the longest days of summer, enough power to gain a slight surplus at our store. Even with our many cloudy days in the Pacific Northwest, solar is still the most abundant renewable energy resource. And we are proud to support sustainable efforts.