The Arc Employment
Training Program

One-to-one job coaching to increase confidence
and add experience to a resume.

In the photo (right) Silas helps in the art gallery with his job coach Sam.

Some people hit barriers when seeking community employment. They may need extra guidance and experience to enter the workforce or advance their career goals.

The Arc Employment Training Program (ETP) helps build a participant's resume with valuable one-to-one job experience.

Here's how it works:

- Participants begin the screening process as a supported volunteer with the guidance of Krystina, ETP Volunteer Coordinator.

- If the participant demonstrates the necessary qualities as a volunteer, they are invited to apply for a 90-day paid position in the toy department at The Arc Thrift Store in Corvallis, practicing skills that are favored at any workplace.

- The ETP Volunteer Coordinator and Job Coaches create customized goals that include opportunities to interact with customers and work in other departments when appropriate.

To begin your journey gaining valuable job skills, contact Krystina at


Employment Training Successes

Did you know…

Almost 80% of people with disabilities in Oregon are not gainfully employed? The Arc Employment Training Program helps give our participants an edge with experience, resume and references. 

Tina displays her certificate after completing the volunteer Employment Training Program. 

Cori (right) gains important job training skills from staff Julie Hardenburger in the toy department at the Corvallis Thrift Store.  

If you or someone you know would like to apply to participate in this program, please contact Jonah 541-602-9225 or send us a message.