The Arc Achievement Program (TAAP) in Benton County

A Day Supports Activities (DSA) program that builds skills, community connections and friendships. 

TAAP classes and activities are more than just fun. They contribute to the overall well-being of participants with developmental disabilities.

Meeting with other people to learn a valuable skill, play games, or just share experiences builds confidence, self-awareness, communication skills and a sense of belonging.

This program is a Day Supports Activities Program funded with Medicaid dollars as a part of a person’s ISP. If you, or someone you know, would like to participate in TAAP, contact your service coordinator to add The Arc to your ISP. For private pay options, contact Jonah. 

For more information about TAAP activities and payment options, contact Jonah Browning at or send us a message.

Benton County TAAP Activities


Learn or develop drawing and painting skills with customized teaching. Then, display and sell your best work in the InSight Gallery and community art shows. Artists receive 80% of the sale price!


Build your latest masterpiece and share your ideas with others who like creating with LEGO bricks. It’s where building friendships is a snap!

Crafty Hour

Create unique crafts with a variety of materials and techniques. Weeks alternate between a surprise craft and Glass Class, the process of creating art with chips of glass that are fired into a molded piece of art.

Pottery and Glass

Create a variety of projects using clay and glass, special tools, and colorful glazes. Get to see them transform after they’ve been fired in the kiln. Sell some at the Fall Festival and in the InSight Gallery. 

Music Classes

Choose from a variety of music classes such as singing, rhythm building, and creative movement. Experience the power of music to calm, engage and increase cognitive function. 

Safety and Fee Assitance

Creating a safe environment.

Currently, Jonah Browning and our program staff are carefully monitoring the wellness of our staff and participants in our classes. Masks are not required, but are strongly encouraged to provide a layer of protection against viruses and other airborne pathogens.

Need Financial Assistance?

No one needs to miss out on the enriching opportunities that we offer in our programs. Due to generous support from community members, the Osborne Program Scholarship Fund is available to cover the cost of classes and activities for those who need it.

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Have you heard of The CommCard Program?

The CommCard Program is a communication and accommodation program that facilitates effective interactions between people with developmental disabilities and helping professionals. Training sessions offer information and practice.  Click on the button below to learn more.