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Everyone needs resources. These trusted resources are intended to connect you with webinars, slide presentations, books, documents, online articles, and other resources to aid in your learning about the many facets of intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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Friends and Family Support Group

Join a group of concerned family members and friends of people with developmental disabilities at the Church of the Good Samaritan in Corvallis to learn, encourage, and share information. Misha Marie facilitates the meetings by arranging professionals and community members who can offer expertise in areas of concern.

The Friends and Family Support Group meets on the second Monday of every month from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. All who would benefit from this experience are welcome to participate.

Have questions? Email

The Arc family members

How to Talk with a Person with Autism

by Katie Taylor

As the prevalence of autism increases, the world is slowly (very slowly) adjusting to fit a changing population. Top companiesare hiring people with autism for high-powered jobs, autism awareness is growing, andyou can now book an autism-friendly vacation. But people with autism arestill waiting for what seems like the most obvious adjustment: neurotypicals tostop being afraid to talk to them.

Katie’s 10 best tips for having a conversation with a person with autism:
Remember we're all human here
Don't talk down
Eye contact is overrated
Use your words!
Speak Frankly
Don't rely on sarcasm
Please don't say, "You're not that bad."
Louder isn't better
Pay attention
Be flexible! Not everyone with autism is the same

Developmental Diversity Services

Benton County Health Department – Developmental Diversity Program

The Benton County DD Program is the point of entrance to services and support for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Benton County. This includes eligibility determination, needs assessment, respite, and community resources.

Call their office number (541) 766-6130 or click the link below to make an appointment.

Additional Development Diversity Services:
Hidden First Accordian

(is open by default)

Integrated Services Network (ISN) Supported Services Brokerage

ISN is a community organization formed by two nonprofit organizations: Catholic Community Services and Chehalem Youth and Family Services. ISN staff work collaboratively with customers to identify and access resources to address their support needs and person-centered goals.

ISN Website

The Arc Oregon

The state chapter of the nation’s largest advocacy organization for people with IDD. The Arc Oregon oversees the Special Needs Trust, OTAC Training, and Guardianship, Advocacy, and Planning Services (GAPS).

The Arc Oregon Website

Housing Resources

Mentor Oregon Brokerage

MENTOR Oregon’s range of services and supports help people of all ages and abilities build increasingly rich, independent lives.

Access Corvallis Program - The Arc of Benton County

The Arc Benton’s Access Corvallis program provides affordable community-based housing for people who experience intellectual and/or developmental disabilities who can live independently with minor supports. Call The Arc office to learn about any openings in this program.

The Arc Benton County Contact

Home Life Inc.

Home Life has three Supported Living programs and Comprehensive In-Home Supports in addition to eight group homes. For openings, call (541) 753-9015.

Home Life Website


A non-profit organization that provides housing and whole-life support services to people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. Call (541) 753-5040.

BenCo Website


DevNW is a nonprofit created in 2019 when Neighborhood Economic Development Corporation (NEDCO) and Willamette Neighborhood Housing Services (WNHS) merged. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer with a need for education or pre-purchase counseling, a renter in search of an affordable home in Linn or Benton County, or an individual looking for financial education or credit counseling, DevNW can help. Call (541) 752-7220.

DevNW Website

Linn Benton Housing Authority

Programs include Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher, Affordable Housing, and Family Self-Sufficiency. Call (541) 926-4497.

Linn Benton Housing Authority Website

Corvallis Housing First (CHF)

Corvallis Housing First provides housing and services for individuals experiencing homelessness in Corvallis. CHF operates three low-barrier facilities that provide housing and support, and also work with local agencies and shelters to provide outreach and case management services. Call (541) 230-1297.

CHF Website

Community Outreach, Inc. (COI)

COI offers emergency shelter for people seeking a safe place to sleep for the night.  Applicants must be practicing sobriety and appropriate behavior. Clients may access showers, bathrooms, kitchen, food pantries, phone and mail services, information and referral, and medical clinics: (541) 758-3000.

COI Website

Milestones Family Recovery

Milestones is a women’s residential program that offers small-group therapy and confidentiality. Residents receive treatment in a 12-bed home for the duration of the treatment, then are helped to transition to the next stage of skill development. Call (541) 753-2230.

Milestones Family Recovery Website

Benton County Health Department DD Program

Contact the Benton County Health Department DD Program for more community housing opportunities for people with developmental disabilities: (541) 766-6847.

Guardianship Advocacy and Planning Services (GAPS)

Established in 1978 in response to parents’ concerns about who might support their child with IDD when they were no longer able. Contact The Arc of Oregon to find a GAPS team member to support your loved one in Benton County.

GAPS Website

Caring: Senior Care and Senior Living Options

Looking for senior care can be stressful and confusing, and you may be unsure where to start. Whether you’re looking for a senior living community or help with in-home care, we’re here to help you understand your options, learn about financing and guide you through the process.

Caring Website

Educational Resources


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Linn Benton Lincoln Education Service District

Programs and services to access intervention and educational opportunities within your local school district. Office phone number: (541) 812-2600.

Linn Benton Lincoln Education Website

The Arc@School

The Arc@School Advocacy Curriculum provides basic information for parents, educators and non-attorney education advocates who are taking the journey of supported education.

The Arc@School Website

Ruby’s Rainbow Scholarship

The goal and mission at Ruby’s Rainbow is to grant scholarships to adults with Down syndrome who are seeking post-secondary education, enrichment or vocational classes, helping them achieve their dreams of higher education while spreading awareness of their capabilities and general awesomeness.

Ruby’s Rainbow Website

Special Education Advisory Committee

Established in 1979, this committee provides input on issues related to special education and assists with parent workshops and support for families whose children are receiving special education services.

Special Education Advisory Committee Website

Oregon Family Support Network (OFSN)

Offers Family Support and Education and Teen Social Groups. Benton County phone number: (503) 983-3348. Meets at Grace Lutheran Church.

OFSN Website

FACT Oregon

Located in Portland, FACT empowers Oregon families experiencing disability in their pursuit of a whole life by expanding awareness, growing community, and equipping families. Call (503) 786-6082.

FACT Oregon Website

Law Enforcement Resources

Did you know that people with developmental disabilities make up the largest minority group in the U.S.?

We have compiled resources that can help improve relations between Law Enforcement Officers and their community members with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Training Opportunities:

Pathways to Justice
Presented in person by The Arc U.S.

The CommCard Program
Communication and Accommodation card and training

Crisis Response and Intervention Training

Healthcare Resources

Awareness, Accommodations and Access is the linear process needed to ensure people with developmental disabilities are receiving the equitable treatment they deserve as human beings in every system of our community.

Awareness of our healthcare system’s barriers, our own implicit biases and our knowledge gaps positions us to learn and grow.

Addressing the Causes and Effects of Developmental Disabilities
(an article from The Arc U.S.)

Prevalence of Developmental Disabilities
(a study from 2017 of national figures)

A Comprehensive Approach to Medical Care for People with DD
(from American Family Physician, 2018)

One-Page Profile for Medical Settings
(OHSU Family to Family Template)

Oregon Medicaid
Oregon Health Plan (OHP) is public health insurance for the elderly, blind or disabled who meet eligibility requirements.

K Plan
This Medicaid plan supports Oregonians who want to stay in their home community and remain independent, healthy and safe. To access this plan talk to your service coordinator.

What (and who) determines quality of life?

Our perceptions of life with a disability shape our idea of quality of life. There often exists a disparity between how healthcare providers view the quality of the life of someone with a disability and how the person with the disability views his/her own quality of life.